Your All-in-one Cyber Training Range

Human error continues to feature in most data breaches, showing that traditional approaches to security training are ineffective

Stay Alert Be Ready.

The Training Suite You Have Been Waiting For

All-In-One Solution

All of your organizational cyber training needs answered in one, comprehensive solution, integrating your overall readiness level

Immersive Scenarios

Learning By Doing – Trains your team in a life
like environment, against real and recent
active threats.

Any-Time, Anywhere

Let your team harvest the benefits of our
native cloud-based training environment, always
available for your team

A Comprehensive and Innovative
Training Platform

Gamified Experience

True hands-on experience, combined with high motivation for success, builds new skills with longer memory retention.

Readiness Oriented

Evaluate your organization’s cyber defense readiness, identify top performers, strengths and weaknesses, and tune your training program accordingly.

Up-Skill Your Team

Develop your high potential team members and effectively on-board new recruits. Retain top performers by providing continuous, challenging skill development training activities.

Pick Your Solutions


Designed for cybersecurity professionals, IT teams and developers

Up-skill and train on real-life, complex, attack scenarios

Collaborative network environment for team training

Continuous team progress tracking and evaluation


Designed for all employees, on all levels

Train how to respond to real-life, everyday threats

Safe, Web-Based, Hands-On training environment

Review and manage training program’s progress


Designed for executives and board-members

Train on real-life, cross-organization attack scenarios

Train senior management with real-time Cyber Crisis decision making

Gain valuable insights from an immersive attack experience