A Cybersecurity Training Platform

Designed For Professionals

Cybring’s hyper realistic simulation platform is filled with advanced features to make

cybersecurity training easy and effective from planning through to execution and review.

Train Anywhere, Anytime With These Features

Engaging and Motivational Learning

Gamified Learning

Integrated competition elements, instant feedback mechanisms, leader boards, capture the flag and other gamification elements to help make your team learning optimal, with longer retention periods

Flexible Training Delivery

Suitable for individual self-paced training, group sessions or true team training with or without an instructor.


Competency and learning management that adapts to the user’s knowledge and skill level with our unique scoring system that identifies skill gaps and makes training plan recommendations.


Embedded smart features to prevent trainees finding shortcut solutions through deceptive means. 

Dynamic Content and Environment

Train out of the box

Extensive library of the latest and relevant on demand attack scenarios and challenges for all skill levels.

Build Your Own Content

Simple drag and drop features make it easy to edit existing or build your own attack scenarios.

Real Networks

Training can take place on various types of virtual cloud based networks, IT, OT and SCADA networks with various types of network architectures.

Use built-in networks or build your own with easy to use network building tools.

Tool Agnostic

Existing integrations with industry leading third party cyber security solutions. Cybring is tool agnostic and will also integrate your organizations specific applications if required.

Training Management and Performance Made Easy

Cybersecurity Readiness Score

Bottom-line assessment of your team’s cybersecurity readiness, based on their collective performance at any point in time.

MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Map

Align team training and performance with  MITRE ATT&CK framework. Easily identify gaps and adapt future trainings to create a high performing cybersecurity team.

Making Training Management Easy

Training delivery is simplified with built in scheduling and planning future scenario or lab sessions.

AI Driven Feedback

AI driven scoring and feedback mechanisms on every user’s interaction, provides automatic session debriefs, measurable results and recommendations.